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《安然看雲起︰自處悠悠 學做優質佳偶 願天意成就》
Living a Tranquil and Proactive Single Life

Amber Lo, Ph.D.

This book is available through the following distributor 經銷處:

         North America:
         Ambassadors for Christ Bookstore
         21 Ambassador Dr.
         Paradise, PA 17562-0280
         Phone: U.S. 800-624-3504, U.S. 717-687-0537
         Fax: U.S. 717-687-6178, U.S. 717-687-8891
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Readers in US and Other Areas 北美及其他地區讀者:

  1. Telephone orders via Ambassadors for Christ. Please call 1-800-624-3504 to place an order.

  2. Mail orders via Ambassadors for Christ Online Bookstore from August 2006 and onwards

  3. Please order a copy via your local major Chinese Christian bookstore from August 2006.
    Call your local Chinese Christian bookstore and mention the ISBN:   962-8918-16-8   and the US distributor: AFC Bookstore in Pennsylvania when you place an order. When your order arrives, just go to the store and pick it up.

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